Looking to "Second Christmas"

To say, 'Christmas is my favorite time of year,' is an understatement. I like to say I celebrate from All Hallows Eve to Epiphany. Just one long celebration.  I love the wonder of Christmas. The anticipation of the day. The building of memories.  I love to celebrate with gifts and good food. And since I cannot celebrate directly with Jesus, I am excited to give to others, especially children because they too are excited and amazed.  I wonder  and ponder at this idea that God became man to dwell with us.  He Came to save us. Good news indeed. 

    And then it hit me. All throughout the year, I am impatient with His second coming.  I tend to focus on the popular fascinations with the predicted  intense tribulation and wrath.   However, that is the short wrap up- Far more comforting is the lasting eternity that follows quickly after.  The  NO more crying, no more sin part. The part where justice is finally brought to bear.   Jesus rights all wrongs and finally puts the universe back in pristine order. 

     As I was anticipating this Christmas and wondering what 2021 will bring, it struck me how differently I treat each advent.  Joy, wonder  and excitement merely reenacting the first advent. Impatience, resignation, and cynicism with the second advent. Eureka!  I’ve been thinking it all wrong. I love anticipation of good and fun things, surely I should be just as joyfully anticipating the second coming as I do the first  - In fact, if the first advent was the First Christmas, then when He next appears will be  the real and true ‘Second’ Christmas!  I can wonder at this amazing idea that God will come and be with us again.  Thinking in these terms, I am committed to living each day as if I’m on a continuous 100 day countdown to Second Christmas. My favorite time of year has just officially become all year round.  

I knew I loved Christmas!  And now,  Maranatha, "Jesus Come quickly" has new Christmassy meaning!